Welcome to the City of Blackwood website
New Super Hero Site, Old Crusader Look.

Once, not long ago this site was dedicated to the Pacific Coast Crusaders. Well as it always goes, one game ends and another begins. So since this new team isn't going to just replace the old PCC, we had to polish the site and make it more neutral to all the Super Hero groups out there.

Now for a little background:
     In 1944 the Nazi where almost finished with a new super weapon. An enhanced man. A super solider, the only problem was they where creating them while the rest of the super nations had recruited them from the small secretive enclaves of what would become known as Metahumans. When they released their new prodigy on the world, they made sure to announce it. And so for the first time the world was made blatantly aware of their existence.
     Metahumans where no longer the heroes or villains of legend or lore, now they where the real threat to all normalcy in the world. With the end of WWII governments did everything they could to look the other way. After all every nation had them and had used them throughout history. This didn’t last long. Europe enacted a mandated testing and registration of all Metahumans. Russia secretly did the same, but when one was discovered he or she was quickly taken to ‘train’ for a better life.
     In America, the law did not move to recognize Metahumans. If they where registered that would give them legal rights as well as single them out. Dealing with a racial movement already, the federal government did not want Metahumans marching on the lines with African-Americans and other minorities. But by 1972 Congress enacted the Metahumans Census Act. In this anyone with unusual powers had to register with the government and report if they move, change jobs or go to school. The act was reamended four times before the 2002’s Metahuman Patriot Law was vote in replacing the MCA for good.
     The MPL stated that anyone that exhibited special powers or had one of thirty five gene sequences must be registered as a Metahuman. Once registered any part of their life can be monitored at any time. Any use of a super power in the commission of a crime would be considered a federal felony and an act of terrorism.
     Thanks to some forethought and well places supporters, Metahuman crime fighters have had some measure of protection. Laws like the Special Witness Law and Outside Legal Enforcement Act have made it so that a Metahuman can become bonded or licensed like a privet detective to fight crime without worry of being vigilantes. They could also register and bear witness as their alter-egos (though if they where to change that identity they would need to update the records) as long as they gave DNA for identification. Some heroes even found that licensing their likeness and life stories to comic book, television and movie companies made the cost of crime fighting nonexistent. Some even learned that to live a life of luxury all one needed was the right look and a good publicist.